Shop as You Live

It's all about quality, style, convenience, and economic impact at LLJUSA.COM, because it's all about hardworking American women.

To those who live inspired, intentional, in style, with grace, and like us, with limited spare time, welcome! YOU have inspired this all-American boutique. When it comes to quality, style, convenience and economic impact, hardworking American women deserve it all and we are here to serve it up. Explore our collections of apparel, jewelry, personal care, travel gear, everyday entertaining, and gifts; we are confident you will love what's inside!

Sit back, relax, and shop as you live.

Annalise Woudwyk - Co-Founder

I'm often asked what LLJ USA stands for.
Our namesake is also our motto:
Love for God, Love for Country,
and Joy in serving both.
Building up American women and
American brands with love and
joy is our mission.